Top things in videos on 09/25/2016
Orcas Work as a Team
See how orcas, though much smaller than the grey whale, work as a team to capture a calf.
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Photo of the Day: Working in Circles

Photo of the Day: In Vietnam’s Kiên Giang Province, a farmer lays out fan-like bunches of grey sedge—a plant that has been used as weaving material in the regioRead More..

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Inside a Real-Life Fairy Tale Forest

Is there anywhere so magical as the woods? Photographer Ellie Davies captures the enchantment of the forest—and the feeling that something fantastical is just a stRead More..

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One Man's Walk in the Snow Creates a Giant Masterpiece

Watch: On fields of untouched snow, this artist creates immense works of art by simply walking in a pair of snowshoes. The journey is arduous—and the payoff spectaRead More..

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Orcas Work as a Team
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See how orcas, though much smaller than the grey whale, work as a team to capture a calf.Read More..

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We just released dozens of hours of uncut war footage in pristine HD fully searchable by keywords on YouTube #Vietnam #WWII #history com/channeRead More..

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100 Million Years of Decorating Yourself In Junk

The assassin bug wears a coat made from the corpses of its prey and the decorator crab bundles itself in algae. See how animals have been camouflaging themselves in Read More..

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"Saygısızlık olmasın, ceketimi çıkartabilir miyim?" #NeşetErtaş ..
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"Saygısızlık olmasın, ceketimi çıkartabilir miyim?" #NeşetErtaş Saygı ve özlemle anıyoruz...Read More..

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Are Crows Smarter Than Children?

In a battle of wits, could a bird outsmart a kindergartner? Don't be too quick to say no: One clever young bird solved a problem that has stumped 5-year-old childrenRead More..

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Binali Yıldırım: CHP'yi memnun etmek mümkün deği GRead More..

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Beşiktaş'ta şortunu giy gel eylemi fRead More..

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Vis ma vie de nain
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"Avec Vie ma Vie de Nain, découvrez le quotidien des personnes de petite taille" V GrolandRead More..

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Meet 7 Celebrity Fossils and Find Out What Made Them Famous

Why do some scientific discoveries become famous while others don't? Take a look at seven ancient skeletons and the backstories that propelled them to celebrity statRead More..

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Belçika'da PYD kongre düzenledi cRead More..

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Demirtaş Kürtçe bilmeme sebebini devlete bağladı BRead More..

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Sözcü'ye göre çocuklar Anıtkabir'de ağlamalı aRead More..

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Amerika'da siyahlar sokaktan çekilmiyor lRead More..

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Hasan Cemal'den Moody’s yorumu More..

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Fethullah Gülen: Darbeyi Erdoğan Planladı

Fethullah Gülen: 'Darbeyi onlar planladı.' https://www.izlesene .com/video/fethullah -gulen-darbeyi-erdog an-planladi/9502061Read More..

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Karioka - "Orquestra" Prod. Tri$tan
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Karioka - "Orquestra" (Prod. Tri$tan) Acabamos de subir no YouTube "Orquestra" Ai esta como o prometido! Em primeira mão e apreciação de seus ouvidos... Esse trRead More..

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Demirtaş 3 gün içinde ikinci kez Barzani ile görüşüyor wRead More..

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Erdoğan'dan Obama'nın özel temsilcisine fırça IRead More..

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