Top things in tech on 04/26/2017

Tech 03:04:06am New BMW motorcycle
BMW revealed a motorcycle so artificially intelligent that you can ride it without a helmet.
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New BMW motorcycle
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BMW revealed a motorcycle so artificially intelligent that you can ride it without a helmet.Read More..

tech today 03:44:06 am
Dave Pollot Adds Pop Culture Characters To Thrift Store Paintings
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Dave Pollot adds pop culture characters to thrift store paintings. [via Did You Know]Read More..

tech today 01:05:42 am
Timeline Photos

Now hiring: Front- end developer Via: oatRead More..

tech today 02:54:15 am
How India Is Winning Its War on Human Waste

Nearly three years ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi put a spotlight on a subject that most of us would rather not even think about. Even better, he backed Read More..

tech today 05:14:00 am
Matt Damon made it look so fun
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Six scientists spent an entire year isolated inside a dome, living as if they were on Mars. They were actually in Hawaii.Read More..

tech today 01:48:50 am
Nobody understands these $425 fake-mud jeans

Nordstrom's bizarre fashion sense strikes again with a head-scratching pair of mud-coated blue jeans.Read More..

tech today 03:15:14 am
How does the new "Dirty Dancing" cast stack up to the classic ...
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Dirty Dancing is getting a remake and it's ok if you don't know how to feel about that.Read More..

tech today 02:25:00 am
Google Maps now tells you where you parked

That's that problem taken care of. Now what have I done with my keys...?Read More..

tech today 03:37:01 am
The Race To Build An AI Chip For Everything Just Got Real

The market for AI chips is potentially enormous—and a whole lot of companies are jumping into the mix.Read More..

tech today 01:23:21 am
How to turn an old Wi-Fi router into an access point

Instead of getting rid of your old Wi-Fi router, use it to extend the Wi-Fi coverage of your home!Read More..

tech today 03:30:19 am
Cassini probe gives its swan song with final Saturn mission

Before it makes its final magnificent fall into Saturn's mysterious depths, it will spend a few months going where no spacecraft has gone before.Read More..

tech today 12:45:00 am
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