Top things in social on 09/25/2016
Meet The Blind Cat Who Loves Hiking
Stevie the blind cat has a very unexpected favorite hobby.
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Yemen's Children Are Starving To Death

A third of all the country's children under five are acutely malnourished.Read More..

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29 Must-See Items At The New Smithsonian Museum Of African American Hist..

After years of construction — and painstaking work by historians to build an enormous collection — the museum opened to the public on Saturday.Read More..

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Prince George Has Got No Time At All For Justin Trudeau's High Five

The young British royal left Canada's prime minister high and dry during a state visit.Read More..

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What It Felt Like To Be A Woman On The Most Misogynistic Season Of “Bi..

“It was hell and it felt like hell,” Big Brother 18 houseguest Da’Vonne Rogers told BuzzFeed News.Read More..

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Amen! A little inspiration from Mahogany Cards.Read More..

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This Lin-Manuel Miranda Facebook Memory Is The Hope We All Need Right No..

"You mean these aren't unique snowflake problems that happen to me because I'm a unique snowflake?" // Lin-Manuel MirandaRead More..

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Jay Z, Will Smith Closer to Telling Emmett Till’s Story: vWacRead More..

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My Favorite Things on Facebook Today! Sunday, September 25th

These are my favorite things I've seen around Facebook today! Like your favorites, and share your own amazing meme findings with me in the comments below (that's wheRead More..

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Nessas horas os políticos amam o povão. Mas depois de eleitos... #yahoobrRead More..

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This Website Designer Is Suing To Turn Away Gay Couples Getting Married

Lorie Smith’s lawsuit is part of an emerging strategy from a legal group to proactively sue the government — before there is a complaint against a business ownerRead More..

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