Nature Photographer of the Year

In Kenya, a lioness refuses the advances of a male during a prolonged courtship. Browse through our editors’ favorite animal, landscape, and environmental photograRead More..

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What happens if we pay everyone just to live?

Think universal basic income is a pipe dream? Experiments all over the world are already showing its potential to transform society for the betterRead More..

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Plancheite | Geology Page

Plancheite | # Geology # GeologyPage # Mineral Chemical Formula: Cu8(Si8O22)(OH)4·H2 O Locality: Tantara and Kambowe, Zaire. Name Origin: Named after J. Planche whRead More..

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La Nuit européenne des chercheurs / European Researchers' Night (30 Sep..

LHCb will participate in European Researchers Night on 30th September, with a live webcast from the control room at 19H00 GMT+2: https://webcast.web. cern.ch/webcastRead More..

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Monash announces five year strategy for Peninsula campus

Five year strategy for Peninsula campus confirmed. $20m committed towards new research, staffing and facilities to set a new standard of excellence in teaching, reseRead More..

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GeoNet - Quakes

M2.8 quake causing weak shaking near Ruatoria https://t.co/UcZXdMS rK8Read More..

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