Top things in science on 04/26/2017

Science 02:04:00am Shields Up! Cassini Heads into the Gap
Shields Up! As we pass over Saturn, we're turning our high-gain antenna into a shield RIGHT NOW to deflect oncoming ring particles as we head into the gap between Saturn and its rings. Instruments will be on, but we'll be out of contact with Earth until early Thursday morning. More:
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Shields Up! Cassini Heads into the Gap
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Shields Up! As we pass over Saturn, we're turning our high-gain antenna into a shield RIGHT NOW to deflect oncoming ring particles as we head into the gap between SaRead More..

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Lambs grown in artificial womb
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Extremely premature lambs have been kept alive in an artificial uterus for four weeks bl4hRead More..

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Calcite, Quartz (Var: Amethyst) | #Geology #GeologyPage Locality: Artigas, Artigas Department, Uruguay Dimensions: 20 cm x 41 cm x 25 cm Photo Copyright © Russ BRead More..

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Hungry stomach hormone promotes growth of new brain cells

Some people say that fasting makes them feel mentally sharper. The hunger hormone ghrelin may be why – and it may protect against Parkinson’s diseaseRead More..

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Building successful collaborations

Building fruitful research collaborations can be hard work. Some guidance from Science Careers:Read More..

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One Big Legal Obstacle Keeps Trump from Undoing Greenhouse Gas Regulatio..

Trump officials face a major roadblock in their efforts to dismantle greenhouse gas regulation.Read More..

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Plastic-munching caterpillars may show us how to dissolve waste

A chance discovery that honeycomb moth caterpillars can digest plastic means they could hold an enzyme that will break down some of our most persistent wasteRead More..

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Artificial womb helps premature lamb fetuses grow for 4 weeks

A fluid-filled plastic bag can help extremely premature lambs to develop and grow – and will be used to support premature babies in three years’ timeRead More..

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Ancient carvings show comet hit Earth and triggered mini ice age

Headless human and animal symbols carved into stone in Turkey tell the story of a devastating comet impact that triggered a mini ice age more than 13,000 years agoRead More..

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Giant Virus Found in Sewage Blurs the Line Between Life and Non-Life - T..

By adding genes from other species, this giant virus was able to acquire some functions critical to life.Read More..

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A Long Look at the Effects of the Chernobyl Disaster

Gerd Ludwig's photographs of the nuclear meltdown's aftermath tell a story that continues to unfold—even 31 years later.Read More..

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Photos Capture India's Ancient, Vanishing Stepwells

These structures are sunken into the Earth with stairways that spiral or zigzag as far as nine stories down into the cool, dark depths where a pool of water lies.Read More..

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Ten cool minerals
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Here are ten awesome gems, metals and minerals you should knowRead More..

science today 04:35:00 am
A guide to why your world is a hallucination

Explore a controversial, tricky theory about how our brains predict and shape reality, by leading researchers in an open online publicationRead More..

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First supermoon of 2017 is today: T It's a new moon, so you won't see it, but Earth's oceans will feel its effects.Read More..

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Mystery human species Homo naledi had tiny but advanced brain

The first analyses of skull data from the most recently discovered species of early human suggest that its brain was surprising sophisticatedRead More..

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