Top things in politics on 04/26/2017

Politics 12:04:47am Japan Prepares For More Imminent North Korean Missile Attack
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New GOP healthcare bill exempts lawmakers from losing health services

Republicans have quietly added an exemption into the new ObamaCare replacement bill that protects members of Congress from losing essential health benefits like presRead More..

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This Is What Smoking Pot Does to People’s Respect for Others

Other cities need to check out the sky-high piles of trash left by revelers in Denver after its 4/20 marijuana 'celebration.'Read More..

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Republicans exempt their own insurance from their latest health care pro..

Arrogant and clueless n-us/news/politics/r epublicans-exempt-th eir-own-insurance-fr om-their-latest-heal th-care-proposal/ar- BBAnqI1?li=BBnbRead More..

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Dem. Muslim Rep. Goes on Record Helping Terrorists... Recall Her Now

The Minnesota Legislature just passed a bill blocking terrorists from being able to enrich their heirs by collecting on life insurance policies purchased before goinRead More..

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Dan Rather’s Second Coming

In an unexpected, career-redefining resurrection aided by President Donald J. Trump's shocking ascent, Dan Rather has clawed back a piece of the spotlight, via POLITRead More..

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Report: Wild Boar Strike Kills Three Jihadists – MILO NEWS

"This morning, I ordered a military boar strike on the location in Iraq where the militants were located. It is in the vital national security interest of the UnitedRead More..

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Erin Moran’s Brother Launches Withering Attack On ‘Tiny’ ‘Coward..

"She told me that you were tiny. Ya know. Barely a man in the man region. True story! Scott, I'd advise you to get on your knees and pray you never run into me."Read More..

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Trump attacks federal court for blocking sanctuary cities order: 'See yo..

In an early morning tweet, President Trump attacked the Ninth Circuit Court over its ruling to block his executive order to defund sanctuary cities, threatening: "SeRead More..

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Découvrez en avant-première l'exposition "Dalida, une garde-robe de la..
148 This link has a video!

Découvrez en avant-première l'exposition "Dalida, une garde-robe de la ville à la scène" au Palais GallieraRead More..

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Indiana State University Muslim Professor Arrested After Making Up Anti-..

Aviation students at Indiana State University will need a new teacher. That’s because Professor Azhar Hussain was arrested on Friday for making up an assault, and Read More..

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