Top things in pets on 10/01/2016
We're In Love With This GSD Puppy's Ears
Treats?! He's all ears. via
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This Cat Is Proof That Littering Hurts Animals
1115 This link has a video!

A cat found on the streets shows exactly what's wrong with littering. This shouldn't have happened to him!Read More..

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Wishing you all a stellar and satisfying Saturday! :) See more at!Read More..

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Happy October, dog lovers ... let the ghost stories begin! See more at!Read More..

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Hunting ban backed by 84% of voters, poll finds

We're delighted to see that 84% of the public do not want a return to fox hunting, as shown in an Ipsos MORI poll commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports.Read More..

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Glass Walls
259 This link has a video!

Check out R Madhavan’s narration of "Glass Walls", a video exposé revealing what happens to animals for meat, eggs and dairy in India. #WorldVegetarianMont hRead More..

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Lost Dog Clifton Park.....near Clifton Park Library....Shen School. Please spread the word. Call 631 278 8763Read More..

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Photos from ZooBorns's post

The last wild European Bison was shot in 1927, but the species has made a comeback thanks to breeding programs like one at Poland’s ZOO Wrocław, where a male calfRead More..

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Carter is a sweet boy that loves a cuddle! He is looking for people that are very active and will be able to give him the exercise that he needs - He is a sensitive Read More..

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Chester at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is very nervous so would be better suited to an adult only home. He is a lively bouncy boy but is very nervous of handling and needsRead More..

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Pallas Cat: The Oldest Living Species Of Cat

The Pallas' Cat, also known as the manul, is a stocky, solitary animal around the same size as a housecat.Read More..

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Choose Compassion – Go Vegan!

Scientific evidence shows that our bodies actually function better when we don’t consume any meat, eggs or dairy products. Eating animal products can clog your artRead More..

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Healthy dog treats: What to look for, what to avoid

We all like to indulge a little, but it's important to find treats that are healthy for our dogs. Here are some tips for finding healthy treats. What kinds of treatsRead More..

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Photos from Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection's post

Lost Cat Gloversville….She went missing near Robison & Smith in Gloversville NY (we live in Wood St., off of W. 8th Ave Please spread the word. Hello. My name isRead More..

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