Top things in marketing on 04/26/2017

IAB Chief 'Can't Deal With This Shit,' Demands Members Join TAG

ICYMI: The digital ad business has made another move to regain the high ground. URead More..

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Proof That Algorithms Pick Up Our Biases, In A Single Map

To expose the hidden biases at work in real-life policing software, a team from "The New Inquiry" built its own.Read More..

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The Best Advice For Building Chatbots? Don’t Force People To Use Chatb..

A panel of experts gathered at Facebook’s #F8 conference last week to talk about the benefits–and limitations–of chatbots.Read More..

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Ten announces Masterchef's new sponsors for season nine ahead of return ..

Some big brand names are getting behind Ten as it tries to turn its ratings fortunes aroundRead More..

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Who wants to learn ringless voicedrops and CPA marketing? Only a one tim..

Who wants to learn ringless voicedrops and CPA marketing? Only a one time fee you can earn over $1k a week part time! Text me "ringless and CPA" to 619-746-7178 or iRead More..

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There's No Such Thing as a Site Migration

We all have horror stories of migration projects gone wrong. Things get missed, priorities change, and performance is impacted. Can we do better if we improve our laRead More..

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Adshel appoints Melanie Lindquist to head of partnerships

Outdoor and digital advertising company Adshel has made a number of new appointmentsRead More..

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Arnott's introduces 'The Shapesons' with specialised song in latest camp..

Shapes has released a new campaign on the back of last year's backlash against its new recipesRead More..

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Un aggiornamento sui miglioramenti della qualità della Ricerca

Google aggiorna l'algoritmo per provare a combattere le Fake News https://italia.googl -aggiornamento-sui-m iglioramenti.htmlRead More..

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