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Lifestyle 04:04:00am 5 Amazing Homes That Used to be Barns
These folks weren't born in a barn, but now they live in one.
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From The Girl Who Can’t Let Go And The Guy Who Can’t Hold On

I think: finally, I am moving on. Finally, I’m not enchanted by you anymore. It’s finally a new beginning: I’m finally me, and not a part of you. But then theRead More..

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Search For The Guy Who Never Leaves

Don’t stop searching. Don’t get tired of waiting. Don’t settle for a guy who doesn’t meet your standards. Don’t stop hoping for a love that you know you deRead More..

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There Was Never An ‘Us,’ But I Still Miss You

I miss you, and it always disappoints me how the possibility of seeing you again would never cure this negative feeling inside me. It’s like being sad about somethRead More..

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Glitter Ice Cream Cake
58 This link has a video!

Glitter ice cream cake with a hot pink drip – can you even? 😍😍😍 (via Cosmo Bites) More recipes and delicious things here: CzRead More..

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'His recovery has been remarkable': Paralyzed dad walks again

The dad to two little girls was determined to walk again – so one day he could walk them down the aisle.Read More..

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Only A True "13 Reasons Why" Fan Can Get A Perfect Score On This Quiz

How much do you actually remember from your late-night marathoning? (cc: 13 Reasons Why)Read More..

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Timeline Photos

How to be alone: Go to sleep too late. Wake up too early. Spend lunch breaks wandering grocery store aisles. Meet your mother at a diner. Attend “bar night” witRead More..

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This Is For The Women Who Wake Up With Determination

You are made of strength and determination, you will fail, but you will succeed so much more.Read More..

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There's a doughnut market coming to Melbourne Central

The team behind Flour Market enlisted Bistro Morgan, Doughboys Doughnuts, and many more for the event.Read More..

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I Took Screenshots Of The Disturbing Texts That Destroyed My Entire Life

About a month ago, the texts started pouring in, telling me that I had a twin walking around Long Island. A girl that looked just like me, down to the floral tattoosRead More..

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