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When An Engineering Student Plans Out A Prank
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I wonder how many friendships have ended by someone saying, "Here put on this blindfold"... 😂Read More..

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Marlins Pitcher José Fernández Dies in Boating Accident at Age 24

The Miami Marlins star pitcher had just announced that he was expecting a child with his girlfriend.Read More..

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We’re remembering the great children’s author, Shel Silversteinerstein, with this quote from “The Giving Tree.” http://on.today.com/ 2dpJNDARead More..

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Benjamin Lloyd Gave Airbrushed Tattoos to Kids at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital <3Read More..

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Dog Does Not Want To Go For A Walk
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When your mates literally have to drag you out to socialise... 😂Read More..

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Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Named Highest Earning TV Actor In The Worl..

Jim Parsons (AKA Sheldon Cooper) has been named the highest earning actor in the world, and he's on a f*cking fortune.Read More..

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The Partridge Family premiered on this day in 1970! http://on.today.com/ 1GDAVzxRead More..

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‘Contemporary Ka Season 2’ has left everyone else behind! Tanay Malhara is India’s biggest dancing sensation and has won the #DancePlus2Finale! Comment to sharRead More..

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Funfetti Dump Cake
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This is even better than a birthday cake (via Delish)Read More..

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