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Humor 03:04:28am Army Discipline Do Not Laugh
You laugh you lose: Army edition... 🐤😂😂
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Remember son, never trust anyone, not even me. /aPBnG9q?ref=fbpicRead More..

humor today 12:03:46 am
Doggo Races Speed Boat
6896 This link has a video!

The fastest dog you'll ever see! ⚡️🐶 By The Bait Shop Gold CoastRead More..

humor today 02:45:10 am
Jeff Goldblum Joining Cast Of Jurassic World Sequel

Goldblum is returning to Jurassic Park, 24 years on after the original was released!Read More..

humor today 12:41:49 am
Family Build Blockbuster For Autistic Boy
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For kids with autism, change can be hard to deal with. Parents of the year... 👊❤️Read More..

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T'as intérêt à te faire tout petit après ça…Read More..

humor today 04:29:37 am
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21 Bingo Cards For Watching Formulaic TV Shows -> aTVBingo Time for a re-watch.Read More..

humor today 02:07:00 am
Human Civilization Brings Out Worst In Area Man

"I've known Justin for years, and whenever he's not engaged with modern society in any way, he's actually pretty nice and laid-back."Read More..

humor today 06:01:06 am
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