Learn How To Make Homemade Caramel

1. Pick some apples. 2. Make this caramel. 3. Start dipping!Read More..

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15 Scrumptious Breakfast Casseroles

Start your day with a rich, hearty breakfast, all in one dish.Read More..

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We Need to Amend the Johnson Amendment So the IRS Will Allow Free Speech

Since the birth of the nation, our churches and pastors such as Martin Luther King Jr. have been at the forefront of shaping public debate and our choice of public sRead More..

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‘I love Ireland because’ - Americans explain why Ireland is magic

Americans explain why Ireland is magic. "I love Ireland because...It’s a place where beauty and serenity, laughter and music come together, wrapped up in myths anRead More..

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A heroic Vatican priest who saved Jews from the Nazis (VIDEO)

A heroic Vatican priest who saved Jews from the Nazis. Video: Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty may be one of the greatest Irish men who ever lived.Read More..

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We’re all for change but let’s not forget the Brooklyn Irish

We’re all for change but let’s not forget the Brooklyn Irish. The headline was not exactly subtle. “Mayor de Blasio Defends Appointing Yet Another White, IrisRead More..

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Our Favorite Fall Flats

They’ll keep you on trend, in style, and out of pain.Read More..

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Speaking Irish in Ireland: surprising spots to use the ‘cupla focal’

Speaking Irish in Ireland: surprising spots to use the ‘cupla focal.’ Like most visitors to Ireland, the first words in Irish I heard on arrival were “Cead mRead More..

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The world’s quirkiest phrases

To celebrate International Translation Day, we asked translators from across the globe to tell us their favourite expressions. Here are 11 of the most surprising.Read More..

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The complicated, ugly legacy of the 1915 'Birth of a Nation'

A look at the complicated and ugly legacy of D.W. Griffith's "Birth of Nation"Read More..

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'Tube chat' badges
2 This link has a video!

New badges are being handed out to encourage people to talk to each other on the London Underground. Is this a great idea, or a ridiculous idea? Would such badges beRead More..

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Where are all the expat women?

Despite increased interest from women, the number of female executives being offered and taking overseas positions remains relatively small compared to male counterpRead More..

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Harpz Kaur's Morning Mix!

🙌 Get that Friday Feeling from Harpz's latest mix with bangers from Justin Timberlake and Hard Kaur!Read More..

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Patrick Pearse's letter of surrender to be shown publicly at the GPO

1916 Easter Rising leader’s letter is expected to fetch up to $1.68 million at auction in November. This is your chance to see it.Read More..

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Timeline Photos

As we do at the end of each week, here is a brief spotlight from a Yizkor Book that JewishGen has translated. You can find an archive of past spotlights here:http://Read More..

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(no title)

We Need You! Irish Newspaper Archives are proud sponsors of Dr Ciarán Reilly's ground breaking project "The Irish Famine Eviction Project". The aim of this incredibRead More..

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