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The Legend of Johnny Appleseed - Farmers' Almanac

September 26th marks the birth of John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed. Learn more about this legendary American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple treeRead More..

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#AstronomyAlert: We have the details on this #MoonandMercury lineup and how best to view it here: http://bit.ly/2dc9jb ORead More..

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This low-cost, easy-to-assemble fire pit is made with concrete tree rings and rocks. Just add a grill and you've got the perfect backyard hangout for about $50. httpRead More..

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If you're searching for kids' playhouse plans, look no further — this whimsical cob building provides an inexpensive child's oasis with a natural cooling system: hRead More..

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More September Flower Lore - Farmers' Almanac

According to the Victorian language of flowers, morning glories symbolize love in vain. Read more about this delicate beauty!Read More..

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Assessing Seed Maturity

How do you know if seeds are ready for harvesting? Read on.Read More..

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The Market Gardener's Toolkit - Teaser #2
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Now available! "The Market Gardener's Toolkit" is an educational documentary that explains in detail how one micro-farm manages to generate $150,000 in sales annuallRead More..

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Don't miss this! 50+ seed varieties are now 30% off! Shop here: http://bit.ly/SSESal eRead More..

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Happy Monday! Do your little bit of good this week.Read More..

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The techniques of open-fire cooking offer distinctive flavors and a unique culinary experience. For starters, you can serve roasted acorn squash halves topped with aRead More..

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Webinar: Cider Making with Dan Bussey
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Skip store-bought and make your own apple cider. Our orchard manager Dan Bussey shows us how.Read More..

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Over the years, MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers have transformed washing machines into cement mixers, potter's wheels — even outdoor showers. These readers tapped into tRead More..

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Last week we asked for name suggestions for the new rabbit-shaped plant. Horticulture staff has taken all your responses and narrowed it down to six finalists: PeteRead More..

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Tool hideaway

A mini toolshed for your garden, planters or yard. http://trib.al/WEUEX IjRead More..

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Organic Consumers Association's cover photo

If you’re looking to combine international travel, adventure and organic food and agriculture education, you’re in luck. OCA, along with our Regeneration InternaRead More..

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Create a Holiday Cheese Platter with Janet Fletcher

Bay Area: Sharpen your cheese platter chops with us on Sunday, 10/2!Read More..

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Heterotheca jonesii (Creeping Goldenaster) is a fantastic native groundcover that grows to form an evergreen mat of tiny leaves, covered with a summer-long display oRead More..

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New cover crop blends target specific soil-health needs

Cover crop seed producers focusing on blends intended to provide specific soil-health benefits, geared to specific regions and crop rotations.Read More..

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Cool-season crops

Now that fall is underway, get those colder-weather crops planted. http://trib.al/YWtji kcRead More..

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USDA approves genetically modified Fuji apple

The USDA has approved a Canadian-developed Fuji apple, genetically modified to reduce browning when sliced. It appoved GM Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples frRead More..

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Washington wolf activities go beyond Profanity Peak pack

While the hunt for the Profanity Peak continues, wolves have been active elsewhere in Washington this summer.Read More..

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Brown, Pierce clash on rural issues

In debate Saturday, Gov. Kate Brown still wouldn't say whether she opposes Owyhee Canyonlands monument.Read More..

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18 ideas for styling outdoor rugs

Perfect for any backyard retreat, beach house, or urban courtyard.Read More..

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