Top things in finance on 04/29/2017

Finance 02:04:00am Diamond batteries made from nuclear waste could generate power...
A solution to the world's energy needs? Diamonds made out of nuclear waste, obviously. Read more:
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Diamond batteries made from nuclear waste could generate power...
130 This link has a video!

A solution to the world's energy needs? Diamonds made out of nuclear waste, obviously. Read more: FRead More..

finance today 02:00:00 am
25 beaches to see in your lifetime

There's no feeling quite like laying in soft, white sand and soaking up the sun.Read More..

finance today 12:00:29 am
The running down of American diplomacy continues

James Mattis, the defence secretary, warned against cutting State Department funds. The Trump administration didn't listenRead More..

finance today 12:08:17 am
Uber's ambition is to defy gravity

With their plan to offer rides in flying cars, Uber has optimistically promised that the cost per aerial mile for passengers will be roughly that of its low-cost carRead More..

finance today 12:06:28 am
Banks Get Serious About Moving Jobs to Frankfurt as Brexit Looms

Thousands of bankers are likely to relocate from London before the big divorce.Read More..

finance today 01:01:24 am
Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia website: monitoring group

Turkish authorities on Saturday blocked access to online encyclopedia Wikipedia, an internet monitoring group said, the latest in what government critics say is a crRead More..

finance today 02:05:10 am
EPA says website undergoing makeover to match Trump, Pruitt views

The website of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,, is getting a makeover to reflect the views of President Donald Trump and EPA Administrator Scott PrRead More..

finance today 01:05:12 am
BMW Is Trying to Scare Staff Into Loving Electric Cars

Employees are being shown a picture of Elon Musk and told: "This must be taken very seriously."Read More..

finance today 12:00:55 am
A liberal response to critics of liberals

Simon Kuper's comeback on Trump, Le Pen, Brexit, climate change etc.Read More..

finance today 01:01:23 am
Are You Investing or Gambling?

You should probably know which you're doing. At least if you're gambling you know the risks your odds (hopefully).Read More..

finance today 12:10:00 am
A Map Of The Typographic Universe, Drawn By AI

The visualization combines powerful algorithms and the wisdom of type designers.Read More..

finance today 01:06:00 am
Trump's FCC chair issues 23,000-word attack on open internet rules

If you don’t completely trust your internet provider, you may not like this.Read More..

finance today 01:00:18 am
How Much Coffee Is Actually Safe to Drink? A New Review

How much caffeine is required for heroism? At what point does the drug (known technically as 1,3,7-trimethylxanth ine) actually become unsafe? (via The Atlantic)Read More..

finance today 01:15:00 am
Trump to Order a Study on Abuses of U.S. Trade Agreements

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said his department would work to issue a report in 180 days outlining challenges with these trade deals and possible solutions.Read More..

finance today 12:00:00 am
Duterte’s War on Drugs Stumbles in Rehabilitation Effort

Rehabilitation was the other half of Rody Duterte ’s bloody war on drugs, a crackdown that has claimed the lives of more than 7,000 people and targeted four millioRead More..

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