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Education 06:04:47am Pope Francis on Being the Child of Migrants
"I could have very well ended up among today's 'discarded' people." — Pope Francis Watch his full TED Talk here: #TED2017
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Pope Francis on Being the Child of Migrants
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"I could have very well ended up among today's 'discarded' people." — Pope Francis Watch his full TED Talk here: x3q3 #TED2017Read More..

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Linking words

Boost your writing! Do you have trouble with linking words? You'll learn a few things if you try this activity. Challenge your friends to see who is the best writerRead More..

education today 02:34:00 am cambridgeenglish...
High School Teachers Are Using Dystopian Books To Explore The State Of A..

"I think part of what resonates for younger readers is that it’s often a younger protagonist who’s facing the crises brought on by older generations."Read More..

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Today in History - April 26

Today in History: visionary 19th Century landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted was born, 1822. #otd #tihRead More..

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Announcing the "Teacher & Principal School Report: Focus on Literacy" --..

Announcing the "Teacher & Principal School Report: Focus on Literacy" --> In this new research report, we asked 4,700 teachers and principals nationwide their thoughRead More..

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Olmec Yogis with Hindu Beliefs: Did They Migrate from Ancient China?

"Although trans-pacific diffusion theories were widely discussed in academic circles in the first half of the 20th century, since the 1970s American archaeologists hRead More..

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Timeline Photos

Life always offers you a second chance, it is called tomorrow.Read More..

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Timeline Photos

Prog rock giants Pink Floyd honoured in naming of newly-discovered shrimp More..

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Alice Ayres - Wikipedia

Killed this day in 1885 rescuing 3 children from a fire: Alice Ayres, 25, whose truly heroic story was distorted.Read More..

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Volker Beck zum Israel-Besuch von Außenminister Sigmar Gabriel
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"Aber jetzt höre ich von Freunden, (...) dass die israelische Regierung darum gebeten hatte, dass man neben diesen Organisationen noch weitere NGOs trifft - das wurRead More..

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Timeline Photos

Picture: Portraits of Sir Francis Knollys and a woman thought to be his wife, Catherine Carey, Lady Knollys, later in life. On this day in history, 26th April... 1Read More..

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Shira Strongin: A Voice for People With Rare Diseases
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Ehlers- Danlos syndrome changed Shira's life when she was just 11. As she and her parents flew across the country to get care at UVA, she became a voice for others wRead More..

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This Muslim Teen Boxer Can Finally Compete In Her Hijab

“Boxing is about to get a whole lot better because they’re being inclusive of a whole group of people who couldn’t compete before."Read More..

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Flightless bird - Wikipedia

Many domesticated birds, such as the domestic chicken and domestic duck, have lost the ability to fly for extended periods, although their ancestral species, the redRead More..

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Bundesumweltminister in zu Diesel-Emissionen
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Bundesumweltminister in Barbara Hendricks und Katrin Göring-Eckardt (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN) zu neuen Angaben der #Diesel-Emissionen. (vom 25.04.17)Read More..

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CNN lancia il proprio servizio per la realtà virtuale

CNN è pronta a fare il proprio grande debutto nel campo della realtà virtuale e lancia l'unità VR per "trasportare gli utenti agli eventi globali in prima fila". Read More..

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"Mehr Gewalt in Deutschland – Was sind die Konsequenzen?" - phoenix Ru..

Video: phoenix Runde "Mehr #Gewalt in Deutschland - Was sind die Konsequenzen?" Alexander Kähler diskutiert mit Prof. Christian Pfeiffer (Kriminologisches ForschunRead More..

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