Top things in coding on 09/28/2016
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The Complete Guide to Instrumentation: How to Measure Your Application |..

What’s instrumentation and why do you need it in your application? http://blog.takipi.c om/the-complete-guid e-to-instrumentation -how-to-measure-your -applicatioRead More..

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Join us for F8, our annual developer conference, on April 18 - 19, 2017 ..
22 This link has a video!

Join us for F8, our annual developer conference, on April 18 - 19, 2017 in San Jose, CA. Sign up now to get event updates at www.fbf8.comRead More..

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Cookies vs. Tokens: The Definitive Guide - DZone Integration

This overview of cookies and tokens covers the differences and similarities between them, advantages of using tokens, and common questions and concerns developers haRead More..

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Monet - The JavaFX Scene Builder Integration - NetBeans Plugin detail

This plugin aims to to enable the same workflow for JavaFX rapid GUI design as is available today for Swing (Matisse). T http://plugins.netbe /Read More..

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This startup just got $11.5 million to make employees everywhere as...

Congrats to AnyPerk on raising $11.5M to make employees everywhere as happy as they are at Google. http://www.businessi aises-115-million-20 16-Read More..

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W3C habilitará pagos de un click con bitcoins en todos los navegadores ..

El World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) trabaja junto con grandes empresas de tecnología y comercio electrónico para lograr estandarizar la interfaz de pagos de la web.Read More..

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Choreographer-js - Library for handling complex CSS animationsRead More..

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wysiwyg.css - Easy to use theme for Markdown generated contentRead More..

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Lovie is in the air! Wir freuen uns riesig über die Auszeichnung von Elbphilharmonie Hamburg beim internationalen The Lovie Awards als 'Bronze Winner' in der KategoRead More..

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How many of you Streaming #Data fans out there want a chance at winning a free eBook copy of Flink in Action????!? All you have to do is LIKE and SHARE this post in Read More..

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AtoZ CSS Screencast: The ID Selector

Learn how to style elements with the ID Selector in CSS - part of our ongoing AtoZ CSS series:Read More..

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Congratulations to the 2016 Duke’s Choice Award Winners

Congratulations to Duke's Choice Award winners! Read about their innovative projectsRead More..

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Build your first Microsoft SharePoint client-side web part: CTG9Read More..

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thatgamecompany's cover photo

The past few weeks have been amazing for us, hearing from all the new players of Journey. We thought it was pretty cool to see Journey on the main page of the PS StRead More..

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Samsung: 60% of Recalled Note 7s Exchanged in U.S and South Korea, 90% o..

Samsung: 60% of Recalled Note 7s Exchanged in U.S and South Korea, 90% of Users Choose new Note 7Read More..

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