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#Bacon = Leichenteil eines intelligenten und fühlenden Lebewesens, das wir Menschen aus reinem Egoismus gemästet und getötet haben.
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Perspective | We’re jailing way more people who’ve been convicted of..

Why are jails clogged with so many people who have been charged but not tried? A study by the Vera Institute of Justice noted that judges are less willing today thanRead More..

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Bacon rückwärts ...
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#Bacon = Leichenteil eines intelligenten und fühlenden Lebewesens, das wir Menschen aus reinem Egoismus gemästet und getötet haben.Read More..

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Britain is subsidising the fossil fuels industry to the tune of millions

Leaked files have revealed the government's Export Finance scheme provided billions of pounds of credit to fossil fuel projects in other countries -- despite the govRead More..

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An extra-uterine system to physiologically support the extreme premature..

A system that supports extremely premature lambs in an external artificial womb is demonstrated in Nature Communications. The lambs were supported for four weeks, whRead More..

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Der Rat der Stadt # Soest hat gestern Abend ein kommunales Zirkus-Wildtierverbo t beschlossen. Wir haben uns für diese tierfreundliche Regelung stark gemacht. BitRead More..

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Wir haben keine 3,2 Erden! Hier erfahrt Ihr, was jetzt zu tun ist!

Bereits Anfang der Woche wurde in Deutschland der Tag der #Erdüberlastung erreicht. 😞 In folgendem Artikel erklären wir Euch, was das genau bedeutet und was IhRead More..

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Clean Energy Isn't Just the Future—It's the Present

Renewables provided 55%" of all new electrical capacity worldwide last year, the most ever."Read More..

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What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Brush your teeth? Make a cup of coffee? Maybe check the morning news? For families like Sarah and Edgar, a day’s roRead More..

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THE 2017 NOBEL PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENTS The prize committees are currently working carefully and independently to select the recipients of the 2017 Nobel Prize and the SRead More..

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"This is my daughter and her 13th blood transfusion over the last 14 months while being treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. She needs blood to keep her healthRead More..

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Life and loss in war-torn Yemen | Doctors without borders

“In an halting voice he told me that he had been collecting firewood in an uninhabited area when a bullet struck him, seemingly from nowhere."Read More..

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"My dad had his kidney transplant a year ago, after nearly 2 years on dialysis. We are forever grateful to the donor and their family for the precious gift of life tRead More..

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【核兵器廃絶 ~“長崎宣言 ・“長崎行動 計画案”まと る!】 世界35カ国の赤 十字・赤新月 の代表約80人 集まRead More..

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Stop Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda: HRW Daily Brief

President Trump wants $US3 billion to fund his ugly anti-immigration policies which rip apart families. Here's how you can help stop him.Read More..

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Sowing the Seeds of Social Entrepreneurship

"I now want to give back to the country that gave me a safe haven." Saeed Mohamed fled war in Somalia and is now helping young South African entrepreneurs build sucRead More..

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Read an excerpt from Voices from #Chernobyl, by Svetlana Alexievich at (Image: Quote from her Nobel Banquet Speech in 2015)Read More..

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Today is Day 10 of the historic mass Palestinian prisoners hunger strike in Israeli prisons launched on April 17. Tomorrow, there is a General Strike in Palestine inRead More..

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Neuer Aktienindex der Bundesbank ebnet Weg für Beamtenpensionen ohne Ko..

Congratulations to Fossil Free Berlin! The City of Berlin's divestment process is now complete. Berlin Federal State's new fossil free index will help other German sRead More..

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Save Them All

On what would have been Maddie's 30th birthday, today we're celebrating the legacy of a dog who inspired generosity through her unconditional love. The Maddie's FundRead More..

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Em São Paulo, assentamento produz doces e mel para a 2º Feira Nacional..

Unidas, as mulheres trabalhadoras do Assentamento Dom Tomás são o exemplo de que a organização pode ajudar a contornar as dificuldades geradas pelo atual modelo Read More..

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