Top things in art on 09/27/2016
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Trump? How Could We?

"It would be insanity to put him in the White House," Thomas Friedman writes in The New York Times Opinion Section.Read More..

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(1/ 6) "When I was 14, I didn’t want to draw. That was my period of rebellion, but two years later, I decided I wanted to be an architect, just like my mum. So I Read More..

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The Gallery’s "Picture This" tours make the collection more accessible to adult visitors with visual impairments. Join us this Wednesday, September 28 at 1:00 p.Read More..

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(4/ 6) "Watercolors as a medium are very old. All you need is one brush and paper, and it will always exist. To do digital art, you need a computer, Photoshop, a taRead More..

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Artwork by James R. Eads and motion by The Glitch. 😲😲😲Read More..

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Today we’re taking over Archtober's (ärk’tōbər) Instagram account to highlight our upcoming architecture programs for New York City's sixth-annual ArchitecturRead More..

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What would happen if the world suddenly went vegetarian?

Professor Tim Benton from Faculty of Biological Sciences at University of Leeds says "most people don’t think of the consequences of food on climate change"Read More..

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Lester Holt, Given a Choice Assignment, Opted for Restraint

Lester Holt of NBC was silent for minutes at a time during last night's debate.Read More..

art today 04:55:00 am
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(2/ 6) "I've been drawing ever since I can remember, probably starting from the moment I could hold a pencil. It all began when I was just a baby. My mum never forRead More..

art today 09:36:00 am
By Clawing Back Money, Wells Fargo’s Board Seems to Recall Its Role

Wells Fargo's chief will forfeit $41 million in stock awards and lose other compensation over the sham accounts scandal.Read More..

art today 07:55:00 pm
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(3/ 6) "The beauty of watercolor is related to the fact that this medium is a little unpredictable, and it’s nearly impossible to create two pieces exactly the saRead More..

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In a dream… this and more ⟶ GRead More..

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(5/ 6) "I don’t allow myself to be influenced by others. I don’t have another painter that I follow or who inspires me. I try to keep my art and expression fresRead More..

art today 06:36:00 pm
A Subdued Donald Trump Showed a Side We Rarely See

"If “Trump the Candidate” is often an outsize caricature of Donald J. Trump, the New York businessman, then “Trump the Debater” was the opposite."Read More..

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Waking up early has its advantages 🌅 Despertarse temprano tiene sus ventajasRead More..

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Charles Burns this and more ⟶ kRead More..

art today 10:18:19 am
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Sagmeister & Walsh: Pins Won’t Save the World this and more ⟶ bRead More..

art today 09:18:58 am
Turner Prize 2016 Exhibition Review

As the show opens at Tate Britain, we take a closer look at this year’s contenders.Read More..

art today 07:40:07 am
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El arroyo at the Galisteo Basin Preserve, NMRead More..

art today 07:11:00 am
'Copy' of Flemish Painting Revealed to Be Original, Now Worth Millions

The work, which is thought to have been owned by the museum for roughly 150 years and is now valued at $3,878,745, was always thought to be a copy, and it thus remaiRead More..

art today 03:30:20 am
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Ella Frances Sanders this and more ⟶ mRead More..

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