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Spinach artichoke lasagna = yes, yes, and YES, Full recipe: j0Read More..

cooking today 01:00:39 am
There's a penny in circulation worth $85,000

Next time you go to toss a penny into the family coin jar, check the mint date first!Read More..

news today 12:15:01 am
Fenômeno da coluna de luz violeta é flagrado no Canadá

Registro foi feito pela 1ª vez no país ==> su #G1Read More..

news today 12:00:00 am
In dystopian 'Handmaid's Tale,' a warning for a new generation not to ta..

“I made sure that every horrific detail in the book had happened sometime at somewhere,” says author Margaret Atwood.Read More..

news today 04:00:00 am
#TVeja Bonnie Hoffmann e Clyde Bernardo A Amante e o Filósofo garantem ..
592 This link has a video!

#TVeja Bonnie Hoffmann e Clyde Bernardo A Amante e o Filósofo garantem que entraram por engano na lista da Odebrecht. Acompanhe o comentário do colunista de VEJA ARead More..

news today 04:43:00 am
Decades After Chernobyl, Nature Is Thriving

Watch: Decades after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, the absence of humans has created an opportunity for nature to thrive.Read More..

videos today 12:15:03 am
The Cannibal at Lagoon
591 This link has a video!

They don't call this the Cannibal for nothing. Can you handle a drop that goes *beyond* vertical?Read More..

travel today 04:00:00 am
NYC medical student's death highlights high rates of physician suicides

Physicians are at a greater risk for dying by suicide compared to the general public, studies show.Read More..

news today 12:30:12 am
This Behavior Is Sexually Abusive, But No One Talks About It

'Stealthing,' or purposefully removing a condom during sex without consent, has garnered a male fanbase online, but victims say it is another form of assault.Read More..

social today 03:13:17 am
Dem. Muslim Rep. Goes on Record Helping Terrorists... Recall Her Now

The Minnesota Legislature just passed a bill blocking terrorists from being able to enrich their heirs by collecting on life insurance policies purchased before goinRead More..

politics today 02:34:26 am conservativetribu..
Nicole Scherzinger May Play Elphaba In The Upcoming 'Wicked' Movie

Don't get too excited, though – the movie doesn't come out until late 2019.Read More..

social today 12:01:00 am
Nordstrom is selling muddy jeans for $425
564 This link has a video!

Yes, Nordstrom is really selling "heavily distressed" muddy jeans for $425. But don't forget about some of their other unusual products -- like jeans with clear kneeRead More..

news today 12:31:05 am
Starbucks Unveils ‘Military Family Stores,' Serving Up Jobs to America..

The stores are part of a broader initiative by Starbucks to provide thousands of jobs to veterans and military spouses.Read More..

news today 03:38:53 am
Pagella Greenpeace sulla moda che inquina: promossa Benetton, bocciato A..

"Alcune aziende hanno deciso di collaborare. Ma c'è chi si gira dall'altra parte" (da Business Insider)Read More..

news today 03:50:00 am
Chicago artist creates a mural of Michelle Obama and no one's happy

This mural on a building where Michelle Obama lived as a child has sparked debate, but not for the usual political reasons.Read More..

news today 12:01:00 am
Abusador de bebé estaba sobrio

Ayer en la mañana, luego de que el exmilitar de 19 años aceptara los cargos de acceso carnal violento agravado y tentativa de feminicidio, se dijo, incluso en alguRead More..

news today 03:55:49 am
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