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Starbucks Roastery coming to Chicago's Magnificent Mile in 2019

Four-story Starbucks Roastery, called the "the Willy Wonka of coffee," to replace Crate & Barrel on Mag Mile in 2019.Read More..

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Parigi, quell'uomo che sfida i terroristi con due sole parole: "Ti amo"

"E' solo mostrandosi capaci di amore fino in fondo, anche quando si è circondati dalle tenebre, che si può poi dare un messaggio di speranza ai più giovani e trasRead More..

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Timeline Photos

Happy Birthday to our First Lady, Melania Trump!Read More..

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This Is What Smoking Pot Does to People’s Respect for Others

Other cities need to check out the sky-high piles of trash left by revelers in Denver after its 4/20 marijuana 'celebration.'Read More..

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Prayers for you
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I'm sending Love, Light, and Prayers to anyone who needs some support right now. Life can be tough sometimes - I've been there. If you're going through a rough timRead More..

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Easy 10-Minute Ice Cream Pop Hack
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Brilliant hack: Cut pint containers into the easiest ice cream pops you've ever made!Read More..

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Republicans exempt their own insurance from their latest health care pro..

Arrogant and clueless n-us/news/politics/r epublicans-exempt-th eir-own-insurance-fr om-their-latest-heal th-care-proposal/ar- BBAnqI1?li=BBnbRead More..

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4 Questions About Trump's Tax Plan

The Trump tax plan would be a windfall worth tens of millions for Trump himself.Read More..

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VIRAL: Pastel-hued clouds appear in Zamboanga del Sur

May paliwanag naman ang isang eksperto sa naturang kakaibang cloud formation.Read More..

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Changes To Federal Insurance Plans Could Hurt Families Of Chronically Il..

Kids with chronic conditions are especially vulnerable to health insurance changes, relying as they often do on specialists and medications that may not be covered iRead More..

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Imagens mostram exercício militar na Coreia do Norte

Artilharia com fogo real foi realizada na terça-feira ==> Og #G1 #CoreiadoNorteRead More..

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What would you do if you found an alligator in your garage? Wildlife of..
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What would you do if you found an alligator in your garage? Wildlife officials captured this gator that was discovered in a Florida home.Read More..

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May you be filled with hope as you put your unwavering trust in God! Share this encouragement with a friend. #VOTD #scripture #amenRead More..

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Don't buy the lie. Opposing the government is not sabotage
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Paul Mason says the Daily Mail headline, calling those who oppose the government ‘saboteurs’, is sinister. He argues that this tactic is commonplace in dictatorsRead More..

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Una pareja de británicos muere el mismo día después de 77 años casad..

Él tenía 96 años y ella, 97. Compartían cuarto en el hospital y, como había sido su aniversario, los enfermeros juntaron sus dos camas. Entonces, se tomaron la Read More..

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Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich isn't all that complicated –..
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Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich isn't all that complicated – but making it in space? That can have its challenges. Check out NASA - National AeronauticRead More..

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The Five: Anti-Coulter Safety Threats Illustrate 'Sharia Law for Snowfla..

On "The Five," Greg Gutfeld said liberal students and others' ability to shut down debate and claim "hate speech" whenever a conservative is invited to campus is effRead More..

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Danish Company Creates The Best Playgrounds In The World That Even Grown..

Danish company creates the best playgrounds in the world that even grown ups can’t resist:Read More..

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