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Former TTP, JuA spox claims terrorist organisations being 'used' by Indi..

The Army had announced that Ehsan had turned himself in to Pakistan's security forces on April 17, 2017.Read More..

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How India Is Winning Its War on Human Waste

Nearly three years ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi put a spotlight on a subject that most of us would rather not even think about. Even better, he backed Read More..

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Kashmiri girl, who pelted stones at police, wants to play football for I..

While the government is to find an end to the ongoing crisis, Afshan strongly believes that sports could be the solution.Read More..

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Photos Capture India's Ancient, Vanishing Stepwells

These structures are sunken into the Earth with stairways that spiral or zigzag as far as nine stories down into the cool, dark depths where a pool of water lies.Read More..

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​Can India force citizens to link their tax returns to a database of f..

The Supreme Court will rule today on two challenges to a law, passed in March, that requires taxpayers to identify themselves through Aadhaar, a scheme to register tRead More..

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India miss Champions Trophy squad submission deadline

ESPNcricinfo understands the BCCI told the ICC that it could not submit the squad for "operational" reasons. The other seven countries have all announced their squadRead More..

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Italy sending its biggest trade delegation to India to explore investmen..

Led by Italy's Deputy Trade Min, delegation of 60 Italian cos will explore business and investment opportunities in IndiaRead More..

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India Unveils Tri-Service Operational Military Doctrine

We found out how India's revised military doctrine will be implemented in the absence of a Chief of Defense Staff.Read More..

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In Pics: Here are five weapon systems that India is buying

India's military expenditure grew 9% in 2016, making it the world's fifth largest defence spender. Here's what we're buying!Read More..

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India ready to sell surplus power to Pakistan

The countrywide demand of electricity is 17000MW whereas the production capacity is 10,000MW taking the shortfall to 7000MW.Read More..

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Brutal videos deepen Kashmir's anger against India

“Most students like me use social media, and some among us use stones to protest against India. Our brothers use guns for the same purpose"Read More..

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India again demands consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav

Pakistan has denied India’s request for consular access to 46-year-old #Jadhav over a dozen times in the last one year.Read More..

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Addition of seats on India-Dubai route hanging in mid-air

Jayant Sinha feels certain Middle East carriers use traffic from India to create hubs in their home bases at India's costRead More..

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India Faces a New Challenge: Jihadist Radicalization

Jihadist terrorism in India is on the verge of acquiring a global footprint, as radicalization and recruitment have become more sophisticated thanks to social media Read More..

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Why US must reassure India about security of Asian space

US must reassure India that it will continue to remain the "security guarantor" of the Asian spaceRead More..

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Tasting France in the Cuisines of India, Vietnam and Beyond

"In Guadeloupe, you have an incredible mixture of things; the French that came and stayed, and a mix of things from Africa and India."Read More..

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Is India losing Kashmir?

#World As India's most restive region stares down the abyss of what a commentator calls another "hot summer of violence", the doom-laden headline has returned with aRead More..

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In Kashmir, brutality of videos deepen anger against India

"When they were driving me around, they were saying, `We will shoot (you),' and were throwing stones at my head."Read More..

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Surgical Strikes Now An Option Against Terror Attacks In India: Report

The option of surgical strikes has been included in India's latest military doctrine.Read More..

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