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Was it a good idea to remove Gadhafi?
Was it a good idea to remove Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi? Advise the next US president:
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At least you can afford an iPhone7. a6Qz8pN?ref=fbpRead More..

humor today 12:20:00 am
India Confirmed Carrying Out Surgical Attacks Across LoC Last Night, Des..

#HatsOff #Breaking India carried out surgical strikes across LOC last night, killed at least 5 terrorists, destroyed terror bases #UriAttacksRead More..

news today 12:17:07 am
Photos from FC Barcelona's post

[PHOTOS | FOTOS] #BorussiaFCB 📷 Check out the best photos of the match 📷 Repassa les millors fotos del partit 📷 Repasa las mejores fotos del partidoRead More..

sports today 12:10:00 am
Heart of the Nation Mechanics

Check out the complete mechanics, schedule of auditions and other need-to-know details:Read More..

travel today 12:01:43 am
Jetzt explodieren bei Samsung auch die Waschmaschinen

Nach dem Rückruf von 2,5 Mio. Handys wegen Brandgefahr kämpft Samsung jetzt mit dem nächsten Problem.Read More..

news today 12:00:01 am
The World's Most Trafficked Mammal Just Got Desperately Needed Help

Good news for pangolins: The body that regulates international wildlife trade voted to shut down sales of the scaly creatures and their parts across borders.Read More..

videos today 12:15:07 am
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Diyanet: Sandalyede oturarak namaz kılınmaz URead More..

videos today 12:03:04 am
La grande bellezza vista dall'alto: le meraviglie di Roma viste dal dron..

Non c'è nulla da fare, rimane sempre una delle più belle città al mondo: un volo, quasi onirico, sulle meraviglie della "Città Eterna"Read More..

news today 12:50:00 am
Major supermarkets recall bread rolls

RECALL ISSUED: Bread recalled over metal fragment fears. DETAILS: UK #7News #BreadrecallRead More..

news today 12:20:00 am
La energía solar en Europa, tan potente como 100 centrales nucleares

Europa se convierte en la primera región del mundo en romper el techo de los 100 gigas fotovoltaicos de energía solar.Read More..

news today 12:03:24 am
Bill Gates Says These 5 Books Will Make You Smarter

Here are five of Bill Gates' top book recommendations. (via Inc. Magazine)Read More..

tech today 12:09:56 am
Diecisiete años de cárcel para la ex alcaldesa de La Muela por corrupc..

#ÚltimaHora La ex alcaldesa de La Muela, condenada a 17 años de cárcel por el mayor escándalo de corrupción urbanística en Aragón.Read More..

news today 12:43:27 am
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Il 29 settembre del 1902 moriva Émile Zola.Read More..

news today 12:30:01 am
The Satanic Temple Opened Its New Headquarters in Salem

But why? for the glory of Satan of course! aGDrNBz?ref=fbpRead More..

humor today 12:44:00 am
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These hot chocolate cookies are a dream. Get the recipe: jZRead More..

cooking today 12:00:44 am
Watch: Here, Living With Dead Bodies for Weeks—Or Years—Is Tradition

On this Indonesian island, bodies of the dead are fed and cared for in the family home as if they were alive.Read More..

science today 12:15:07 am
Gender-Neutral Homecoming 'Queen,' Female 'King'

Students at a Maryland high school will get to choose whether they want to be considered as a king or queen, regardless of their gender, as part of a gender-neutral Read More..

news today 12:45:00 am
Was it a good idea to remove Gadhafi?
49 This link has a video!

Was it a good idea to remove Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi? Advise the next US president: VRead More..

news today 12:17:24 am
Coles' new scanning technology

Been scanning mangoes at carrot prices through the Coles self-service checkout? Not for much longerRead More..

news today 12:05:34 am
Chemtrails: Evasive Action (Video)

The planes that drop chemtrails are more dangerous than you might think.Read More..

health today 12:00:04 am
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