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Summer has come and passed. The innocent can never last. Green DayRead More..

humor today 10:44:04 am
The rescuer wept as this Syrian baby came back to life
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This rescuer had no idea if this Syrian baby was alive. Then she began to cry and he did, too. LRead More..

news today 10:25:46 am
23 adorable baby pandas make their world debut
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These adorable baby pandas just made their world debut: UlRead More..

news today 09:45:40 am
HS Football Player Raises American Flag When He Sees School Doesn't Have..

“People die to protect their country and for the flag. People disrespecting it all the time...It needs respect." - Daniel Hayner, high school football playerRead More..

news today 09:21:53 am insider.foxnews.c..
'Death Spiral'? Obamacare Problems Making Coverage Harder To Afford, Fin..

When Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey announced recently that it is $46 million in debt and shutting down, it became the 17th failed ObamaCare co-op since theRead More..

news today 02:00:00 am
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The Black Moon tonight will bring with it a shift of energy and great change. Be ready for it. There will be a breakthrough, call it a gift from the Universe where tRead More..

religion today 02:56:06 am
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Donald J. Trump responds to criticism after he chose to tweet attacks at Hillary Clinton around 3 a.m. aRead More..

news today 12:27:46 pm
White Helmet's Tears Show Toll of Syria War
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The rescuer’s sobs — after an hours-long battle to dig out a baby girl from under rubble — speak volumes to Syria’s suffering. Read the story here: http://nRead More..

news today 06:05:13 am
How To Make Pizzagna
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PIzzagna just changed the pasta game forever: ns Full recipe: 2TRead More..

cooking today 05:00:01 am
صور بثها ناشطون تظهر تأثر أحد رجال الدف..
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صور بثها ناشطون تظهر تأثر أحد رجال الدفاع المدني بعد أن تمكن من إنقاذ رضيعة من تحت أنقاض منRead More..

tv today 04:00:00 am
This Crying Baby Loves David Bowie
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David Bowie appeals to all ages and generations, this mum is especially grateful.Read More..

lifestyle today 08:48:38 am
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