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“I can’t let you die out there.” #TWD returns 10.23.16.Read More..

tv today 07:02:34 am
Ree’s Pumpkin Cheesecake
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Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake, via The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond Get her recipe: m/536vo.Read More..

cooking today 02:15:00 am
What's in the meat at fast food restaurants?
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16 companies received an "F" rating in a new report on antibiotics in the meat supply of 25 US fast food chains -- and that's an improvement over last year. Dr. SanjRead More..

news today 05:01:25 am
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BREAKING: Marlins ace Jose Fernandez, 24, passed away in a boating accident (via multiple reports). Rest in peace, Jose. STORY: rRead More..

sports today 06:23:04 am
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I am shy as hell even online. aOvjwAE?ref=fbpRead More..

humor today 04:33:01 am
There are five living U.S. presidents. None of them support Donald Trump..

Not one living president has said they believe Donald Trump has what it takes to be Commander-in-Chief.Read More..

politics today 09:16:37 am
Thank You, Captain
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On this day, two years ago we said farewell to #2, Derek Jeter. #RE2PECTRead More..

sports today 07:00:00 am
When An Engineering Student Plans Out A Prank
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I wonder how many friendships have ended by someone saying, "Here put on this blindfold"... 😂Read More..

lifestyle today 03:48:41 am
This might be the last police video you'll see from North Carolina

A new law begins this week in North Carolina that will block the public from obtaining footage from body cameras or dashboard cameras. 2Read More..

news today 03:39:44 am
Procon multou empresa de Russomanno por propaganda enganosa

A empresa deve ao Procon R$ 11,9 mil relativos a multa por violar o Código de Defesa do Consumidor, além de R$ 429 mil ao Estado em ICMS. (via Folha Poder) #folhaRead More..

news today 04:09:17 am
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Pajamas for computers. 9GAG Mobile App: ref=9fbp axDAevn?ref=fbpRead More..

humor today 02:04:01 am
Star Pitcher Jose Fernandez Killed in Boating Accident, According to Rep..

JUST IN: Miami Marlins' Jose Fernandez, widely considered to be among the best pitchers in the MLB, killed in an early morning boating accident off Miami Beach.Read More..

news today 06:50:30 am
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