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Report: WA Mall Shooter Was Not U.S. Citizen, But Voted 3 Times

The man who went on a shooting rampage at a Washington state mall is not a U.S. citizen, but that didn't stop him from voting.Read More..

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The man who went on a shooting rampage, killing 5, at a Washington state..
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The man who went on a shooting rampage, killing 5, at a Washington state mall wasn't even a U.S. citizen but he still voted three times!Read More..

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VIDEO: Man Zapped as He Tries to Steal Booby-Trapped Trump Sign

This Donald J. Trump supporter took matters into his own hands after his Trump signs kept getting stolen or vandalized.Read More..

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Find out when early voting starts in your state HERE=> More..

politics today 12:49:42 pm
Suspect in Texas Double Homicide Had Been Deported 3 Times to Mexico

A man who allegedly killed two people and kidnapped a third one over the weekend in the Dallas area had been deported three times to Mexico in the last two decades, Read More..

news today 05:57:11 am
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Just me, my stuff and I. a6Qzwnq?ref=fbpRead More..

humor today 12:11:01 pm
Mall shooter not a U.S. citizen – voted in 3 elections

YOUR country is being stolen from you, and people in YOUR own government claim Voter ID is racist...Read More..

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Animal Close Up: The Hairy Frogfish
20383 This link has a video!

The hairy frogfish is camouflaged with spines resembling strands of hair—and it can change color.Read More..

videos today 05:16:10 am
Yup, Now The iPhone 7 Is Exploding Too

But Samsung did it before it was cool. a25g00Z?ref=fbpRead More..

humor today 07:50:01 pm
Indian Army conducted surgical strikes across LoC
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#BREAKING Indian Army conducted surgical strikes last night on terror launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC). Heavy damages have been caused to terrorists, mRead More..

news today 12:12:50 am
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At least you can afford an iPhone7. a6Qz8pN?ref=fbpRead More..

humor today 12:20:00 am
Newly Released Body Cam Video Shows Officers Shooting A 6-Year-Old! "I N..

Newly released body cam footage shows officers opening fire on a man with his hands up, wounding him & killing his 6 year old son.Read More..

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Buying a book would engage a way better conversation. 👓 aYLv72V?ref=fbpRead More..

humor today 04:33:01 am
Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole
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Pressed for time? A soft shell chicken taco and casserole mashup is ready in 30 minutes. Hot, bubbly, yum! FULL RECIPE: HAuRead More..

cooking today 01:33:49 pm
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Following the FBI director's testimony yesterday, Rep. Trey Gowdy said the final decision on Hillary Clinton's emails will be made by the American people on ElectionRead More..

news today 10:52:10 am
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Anybody else read this in their voices? 9GAG Mobile App: ref=9fbp azAo0yB?ref=fbpRead More..

humor today 02:05:00 am
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